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Houston-company makes, donates hand sanitizer to help keep Harrison County safe

Marshall News Messanger May 3, 2020

HOUSTON — LyondellBasell joined forces with Texas county judges to help keep first responders and county residents safe. The company recently made and donated approximately 240 gallons of hand sanitizer to Matagorda and Harrison Counties, after learning several counties were facing severe shortages. LyondellBasell also requested help from its industry peers to support other counties in the region.

“Hand sanitizer is not something LyondellBasell normally makes, but given the supply challenges and recognizing the need, we were determined to help,” said Kai Dominik, site manager for LyondellBasell’s Houston Technology Center (HTC). “HTC was not built for this purpose, but our team made it happen and produced medical-grade hand sanitizer using ingredients from LyondellBasell’s Channelview Complex.”

LyondellBasell has a manufacturing facility in Matagorda and has a long history of community partnership there. However, this was the first time for the company to collaborate with Harrison County which is located in the northeast corner of Texas, far from any of its manufacturing sites.

“We all know how important it is to have sanitized hands to prevent the spread of this new coronavirus and LyondellBasell never hesitated in their response to help,” said Harrison County Judge Chad Sims. “Harrison County is now abundantly supplied in hand sanitizer thanks to their generosity. We are grateful and thankful for their support of people they don’t know and may never meet.”

HTC is one of LyondellBasell’s research and development sites that focuses on new technologies. The HTC team used the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidance on the recipe and worked over a weekend to produce the hand sanitizer, which was shipped in 55-gallon drums and smaller one-gallon containers produced by the LyondellBasell’s Cincinnati Technology Center.

Understanding the bigger picture of need across the state, the LyondellBasell also called on the Texas Chemical Council (TCC) to reach out to other member companies to see how they could help. TCC has since partnered with the Texas Association of Counties (TAC) to pair counties in greatest need with chemical companies that have surplus supplies they can donate.

“In these uncertain times, it is especially important that we come together to help our neighbors in need. The Texas Chemical Council is proud to work with TAC to help connect industry members that have the ability to donate supplies to counties who need it the most,” said Hector Rivero, President and CEO of TCC.

LyondellBasell also recently donated isopropyl alcohol to Huntsman Corporation to produce hand sanitizer for first responders and healthcare workers treating COVID-19 patients. The 5-ton shipment of hand sanitizer was donated to Huntsman Cancer Institute and its associated medical facilities at the University of Utah.

“We have become accustomed to LyondellBasell doing great things in Matagorda County such as running a safe and clean manufacturing facility, providing excellent jobs for my constituents, participating in our annual United Way and Day of Caring drives and now stepping up to lead the hand sanitizer to counties program during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald. “I appreciate their working with the Texas Chemical Council and Texas Association of Counties to bring this much needed product to us and other counties in Texas and I applaud LyondellBasell’s community involvement in our county, state and nation.”

Many products that LyondellBasell makes are being used to fight the pandemic. From products that provide filtration in facemasks, to breathable films for protective suits, medical syringes, medical test kits, soaps, disinfectants, and many other products, LyondellBasell is on the front lines against the virus.

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