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Fire Safety Training - Cub Scout Pack 302 from Hallsville, TX

Nesbitt Fire Department Chief Gary Smith, Captain Tony Davis, and Firefighter Dr. Texas Rüegg conducted a fire science and fire safety demonstration to the cub scout of Pack 302 from Hallsville. The scouts and their families learned about the attributes and behaviors of fire and the technologies and techniques used to extinguish fires in various situations. Of course the boys most enjoyed watching Dr. Rüegg, volunteer fireman and one of their adult leaders, being repeatedly set on fire.

The demonstration lasted nearly two hours, but managed to keep the boy's attention by alternating science discussion and pyrotechnic displays (Don't try this at home...). This demonstration was part of the pack's winter campout held at the Rüegg's home affectionately known as Rüeggenbach. Many of the boys were able to use this training to satisfy rank requirements for advancement. All-in-all it was a great time and another great opportunity for Nesbitt Fire Department to serve the community.

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