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Eagle Scout Project at Nesbitt Fire Station #3

For a Boy Scout, the journey to Eagle is an exciting time to learn and hone the incredible assortment of scouting skills, but most importantly to practice – Leadership.

Ethan M. Lewis has been in Scouting for 10 years. He began his scouting career in Cub Scouts as a Tiger and worked his way to Webelos/Arrow of Light. Ethan crossed over into Boy Scouts, joining Troop 550 out of Marshall, TX at 11 years old. From that time Ethan has worked diligently towards the completion of his Eagle Scout rank.

In Fall 2019 Ethan partnered with the Nesbitt Volunteer Fire Dept. to install the new station flagpole display, although he soon discovered that this project was much more than just a flagpole. Ethan met with Nesbitt Fire Chief Gary Smith to discuss the parameters and timeline of the project. “It was not just a flagpole.”, Chief Smith stated. An antique Fire Truck would be displayed there.

He wanted the American flag in the bed of the fire truck and then Texas flag and Fire Department flag in the concrete behind the truck. Electricity would have to be run to the area to light up the flags and the sides of the truck. After gaining this knowledge, Ethan took a deep breath and stated he wanted to do the project.

Chief Smith had the sand brought in and Ethan raised money to pay for the concrete and supplies needed. The labor of forming and pouring the concrete was donated. Electrical conduit was run under the station’s driveway to power a set of floodlights and illuminate the display at night.

The Eagle Scout Project workday was set for January 25, 2020 and Scouts of Troop 550 - Owen Hudson, Wesley Vasquez, Logan Armstrong, Hart Hudson, Dristen Souther, Kyle Trusty, and Chase Brown as well as several parents showed up to work and assist Ethan with the project. The Scouts spread the sand smoothly up to the concrete and dug mud out of the meter boxes. Ethan and his dad, Tim Lewis, ran and connected the wire for the lights. Ethan also assisted in the welding of 4 stands for the truck under the patient guidance of one of the volunteer firemen.

Ethan finished the project and is currently completing the accompanying Eagle Scout Project workbook in preparation for his Eagle Board of Review schedule in March 2020.

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